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Now Google will help you, know what will happen


Android 8.1 orio (Go Edition) smartphones are not in the market yet, Google Assistant Go has been launched there. The Google Assistant Go App can be downloaded by visiting Google Play Store. The app sports many international languages. These languages ​​include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Thai languages. Over time, the app can also sport Hindi language.

The Google Assistant Go App includes many features. With the help of the app you can make a quick call. Apart from this, the app will also help you to send messages, play music. The app will also inform you of the next event with direction, along with it will also answer your questions. To use Google Assistant Go, you have to press and hold your Home button. After this, you will need to tap on the microphone icon created in the Google search bar.

According to Google’s sports page, Google Assistant Go is different from the original Google Assistant in many ways. The app consumes less data. In addition to this, users will get many features which are not in the original Google Assistant. These features include Reminders, Smart Home Device Control and Device Action. Ape OK does not sport hand-free activation like Google and Hey Google. The app is designed by looking at the Android 8.1 OSO operating system. There are many features in the app, which will be brought in front of users over time.


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