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Advantages Of raw carrots….


Instead of raw carrots, it is cooked by eating it, this big advantage …!

You must have heard people saying that raw vegetables or fruits are more beneficial than eating cooked things on fire. But this thing does not apply to everything on the food. There are some things that are cooked after eating them, only their nutrients are found in the body, whereas some food is beneficial for some food.

Kerry Glassman, a specialist in America’s diet, says what food items are cooked on fire or gas, and which raw, it depends on their nutrients. So let us know that cooking different vegetarian items and cooking food and eating them very differently affects the body.

> Broccoli
Experts believe that the amount of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants in broccoli is high. But if it is boiled or cooked in steam, then all its nutrients and more quantities are released which are good for the body. However, in some studies, it has been said that the ingredient, ‘Sulphorphane’, reaches the body through eating raw broccoli which helps fight cancer. So if the raw broccoli are eating, then eat two cups and are cooked and then less than one cup is very much.

> Carrots
Experts say that a cup of raw carrot food is beneficial. While cooking it there, one and a half cups of carrots are very much. Although mostly it is believed that cooking the carrots reduces its nutrients. But in carrot ‘son-carotene’ is present in excess quantities which improves your eyesight and these ingredients get only after cooking carrots, not in raw carrots.

> Ginger
Ginger is a very beneficial for the problems associated with colds, junk and throat. It contains antioxidant in good quantity. Experts believe it is more beneficial to cook ginger than raw. If you are consuming raw ginger then you need a teaspoon, there is plenty of ginger a quarter spoon to cook.

> Red cabbage / cabbage
Red cabbage or leaf cabbage is beneficial for the body in many ways. It reduces the speed of aging, keeps the skin healthy, and keeps the brain and eyes healthy. Apart from this, it is rich in fiber and the ‘folate’ element present in it helps fight depression, cancer and heart diseases. Experts say that raw cabbage is the best food to eat. If you cook it, then it will eat three times more quantity than raw for all the nutrients.


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