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The Search Giant launched numerous questions in the form of Google Searches


Why is my Smartphone so dumb?

Google’s Pixel will be the last player on the board of premium flagships of the year and from what it looks like, Google will be launching the device after two weeks. The company has posted an invite on their website with numerous teasers that indicate the launch of next generation Pixel devices.

The Search Giant launched numerous questions in the form of Google Searches. These questions sure give us a peek at what can be expected from the new gen Pixel devices. Here are the questions and what they could indicate towards:
What’s wrong with my phone’s battery?

Its interesting that this crucial aspect of a phone’s battery is finally back in the premium phone segment. Most flagship devices have been sacrificing on battery to keep the phone slim. Google’s new improvement can come in both software and hardware resolutions.

Why is my phone out of storage?

This clearly indicates towards Google Photos and its unlimited cloud storage. Hopefully Google Pixel will add more features to the current experience.

Why does my phone take so many blurry photos?

Well, because it doesn’t have 4-axis optical image stabilization. Pixel will likely add to the optical image stabilization with additional software features to add stability to the pictures and videos.

Why doesn’t my phone understand me?

This is a definite reference to Google Assistant. The AI battle will probably just get better with the launch of the second gen Pixel phones. The few of the other questions also lead us to the AI aspect of the device. The launch of Google Pixel 2 will most likely bring better Assistant integration.

Coming to the hardware aspect, so far leaks have suggested that there are two variants of the device. One with a small screen with normal bezels and the other with no bezel’s and bigger screen. The devices are rumoured to be developed by HTC or LG or one each from both. The device might also feature a squeezable side, similar to something found on the HTC U11.


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