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“” YOU “”

There will always be some one who is more handsome than you, more prettier than you, smartter than you, cooler than you, funnier than you etc but despite all of that you have something that makes you different than other people out there.

You have something that
can’t be taken away, can’t be duplicated,can’t be compared to anyone who tries to compare his or herself to you.

You wanna know what it is ?
Just by simply being you yes being yourself makes you different, makes you unique, makes you stand out. My dear don’t ever tell yourself you aren’t good enough as this person or that person.

Don’t ever make yourself believe there is nothing about you that is special. Lastly, don’t ever let yourself to be told by any man or woman that he or she can find someone like you, they will find a different person, he or she might be better than you but they will never find another like you because you are unique.
Keep smiling.
Keep doing you.

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