Home Real Life Stories 5 BENEFITS OF BEING SINGLE.



1. More Time For Yourself :
A guy is confused when you brush your hair for a half an hour. Now you can totally enjoy it without the question mark in his eyes. Now you can go visit that cousin on the sea side without having to agree on it with your guy. You can now read your Tolstoy collection for as long as you’d like.

2. Wonderful sleep :
Yes, we all love sex, but we also like sleeping. You will get at least an hour more of sleep per night than the average couple. No one will steal your blanket or snore the entire night. No one’s alarm clock but yours will wake you up in the morning and nobody is going to make you walk his dog.

3. You Party All You Want :
Now you can party all you
want and flirt with any guy you want and/or take him home without feeling guilty. You can visit every party you want to visit without being the boring couple everybody is ignoring. And after the party, you can go to Mc Donald’s and have a Big Mack and happily eat it without him telling you it’s not good for you. Next
morning, when it’s Sunday, you can move your wax appointment for Monday and spend all Sunday morning cleaning up – after yourself. Yes, yourself only.

4. You Can Fall In Love :
The most beautiful part of a love affair is the part of falling in love. People in relationships ended that part, and you are just waiting for it to happen to
you. What a lovely point of view!

5. Gives You Time To Think :
In the next relationship, you want to be the woman not the man. In the next relationship, you want to be with someone
more mature. You want to get that position at work. You want to learn Mandarin Chinese. You have time now to figure out what you want, and
you can do it without any
strings attached. You have all the time in the world. Because it’s all about you now. Use it.
Enjoy your freedom!


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